Faculty of Agriculture - Educational Programs - Internship

Internship programme in the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad for final semester students of B.Sc. (Hons) Agri. specializing in different subjects of agriculture, was initiated in response to the directive of the worthy Chancellor in 2002. Since then the programme is working very successfully and has been appreciated at every level i.e., students, research organizations, private companies and farmers. The objective of the programme is to give field exposure and impart practical training to the students in research organizations, private companies and farmer’s fields before they enter into the practical life as professionals or farmers. The students gain a lot of realistic knowledge and the teachers have a great deal of interaction with other government and private research organizations and private national and international companies involved in agribusiness through this profound thought. The students not only gain field experience but also serve as extension workers at farmers door steps. Furthermore, the programme serves a platform for students as well as teachers to discuss the field/farmers problems and to orient the research activities at university level accordingly. It is anticipated that the students outfitted with this training would be more beneficial to develop agriculture in the country.


  1. To provide field exposure and impart practical training to about 500 students each year at research organizations, private companies involved in agribusiness and farmer’s fields.
  2. To promote Intellectual interaction of students, teachers, research workers, stakeholders and farmers with each other.

Expected Output

  1. The proposed project would generate highly trained manpower in the domain of research and extension work of agriculture having vision of farmer’s field related problems and ongoing research activities in the country at under- and post-graduate levels.
  2. The students on internship in research organizations become part of their ongoing research activities therefore, the organizations are expected to enhance/improve their research activities.
  3. Besides, it will help orient the research activities at university level according to the requirements of industries, farmers and other stakeholders.
  4. The students of B.Sc. (Hons) Agri. 8th semester will be sent to various agricultural Research organizations, Private Companies, NGOs, Extension/Adaptive Farms and Private Farms in Pakistan for their training/internship in Agri. Research and Extension Services etc.
    1. The course will be offered by the Chairman/Director of the respective department/Institute.
    2. The total number of students will be distributed among teachers and the assigned teacher will act as supervisor.
    3. The Chairman of the department will constitute a 2-member committee of each student including supervisor and one member from the department.
    4. The total duration of the course will be one semester and would be divided into:

    5. a
      Orientation (enrolment and preliminary preparations) 3 weeks
      Field Tours/Visit to Research Institutes (Within/outside Faisalabad) 2 weeks
      Practical Training/Internship 10 weeks
      Exams/Report writing & evaluation

      4 weeks

    6. The total marks of the course will be 400 and would be divided as under:

    7. a
      Visit to Research Institutes (Outstation field tours). 50 Marks
      Practical Training/Internship 100 Marks
      Departmental Evaluation 150 Marks
      Comprehensive Internship Examination 100 Marks

Course Program

  1. Orientation: Enrolment and preliminary preparations including introductory lectures about internship course, allotment of supervisor, member and brief introduction of the internship programme at various institutions.
  2. Outstation Field Tours (Within/outside Faisalabad, 50 Marks): A senior teacher assisted by another teacher, both nominated by the Chairman of the department will accompany the class to visit local and outside Faisalabad institutes/farms. Evaluation will be made by the teachers accompanying the class during the visit. The marks will be distributed as under:

    Behavior/ Interest of students 10 Marks
    Attendance 10 Marks
    Report writing 20 Marks
    Oral Examination 10 Marks

  3. Practical Training/Internship (Marks 100): Total number of enrolled students will be divided into a number of groups according to number of institutes/sections for training of the internship. Faculty of Agriculture comprises of following departments, institutes and allied disciplines.

    1. Departments
      1. Agronomy
      2. Plant Breeding & Genetics
      3. Agri. Entomology
      4. Plant Pathology
      5. Forestry, Range Management & Wild Life
      6. Crop Physiology
    2. Institutes
      1. Horticultural Sciences
      2. Soil and Environmental Sciences
    3. Allied Disciplines
      1. Agri. Economics
      2. Institute of Food Sciences & Technology
      3. Agri. Extension Education
      4. Animal Sciences
      5. Marketing and Agribusiness

  4. 500-600 students enrolled in various above mentioned disciplines are on the list to go for the internship programme each year in the following research organizations, private companies, NGOs, government farms and progressive farmers.

    1. Government Research Institutes
      1. Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad
      2. Rice Research Institute, Kala Shah Kaku
      3. Fodder Research Institute, Sargodha
      4. Soil Salinity Research Institute, Pindi Bhattian
      5. Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal
      6. Regional Research Institute, Bahawalpur
      7. Agronomic Research Station Bahawalpur
      8. Maize and Millets Research Institute, Yousafwala
      9. Arid Zone Research Institute, Bhakkar
      10. National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad
      11. Nuclear Institute of Agriculture and Biology, Faisalabad
      12. National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad
      13. Cotton Research Station, Multan
      14. CEMB, Lahore
    2. Government Adaptive Research Farms
      1. Adaptive Research Farm, Gujranwala
      2. Adaptive Research Farm, Vehari
      3. Adaptive Research Farms, Sheikhupura
      4. Adaptive Research Farm, Sargodha
      5. Adaptive Research Farm, Karor
    3. Agri. Department (Extension), Govt. of the Punjab
    4. Private Companies
      1. Seed Companies
      2. Fertilizer Agencies
      3. Pesticide Companies
      4. Commercial Banks
    5. NGOs
      1. PRSP
      2. NRSP
    6. Progressive Farmers
      1. Ch. M. Arshad, Chak 8/P Tehsil Khanpur, Distt. Rahim Yar Khan, Bilal Model Farm
      2. Bilal Israel Khan, Majeed Agricultural Farm, Chak No. 150. P. Sadiqabad
      3. Treen Farm, Lodhran
      4. Khar Agricultural Farm, Malik Noor Rubbani Khar, Mouza Khar Gharbi Snawan, Tehsil Kot Addu, District Muzaffargarh
      5. Rana M. Luqman Rafi Farm, Chak Bsedi, Pakpattan
      6. Rana Dr. Hafeez. Chak No. 33 JB Narwala Road, Faisalabad
      7. Farhatullah Khan, Tlumba Mian Channu, Khanewal
      8. Makhdoom Shahbuddin’s Farm, Mouza Mianwali Qureshian Tehsil Rahim Yar Khan
      9. Iftikhar Lashari, Tehsil Ahmadpur East, District Bahawalpur
      10. Hayatullah, Tareen Farm, Dunyapur, Lodhran
      11. Tawakal Seed Farm Jatoi, District Vehari
      12. Mian Tahir and Azam Farms, Deputy Wala, Millet Road, Tehsil Chak Jhumra, District Faisalabad
      13. United Farms, Chak No. 325 JB Aminpur Bangla, Faisalabad

Entrance Requirement

Candidates must have scored minimum 45% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Medical and his age at the time of application/admission should not be more than 23 years. The Candidates must be medically fit.