Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics - History

The department of Animal Breeding and Genetics was established in 1963 when Lyallpur College was upgraded to the present University of Agriculture. Since its inception, it is actively engaged in imparting training at under and postgraduate level. The research carried out in the department has paved a long way in determining the genetic potential of various livestock breeds and devising tools for developing breeding plans. Facilities include a Molecular Genetics Laboratory and a Biometrical Genetics Laboratory. The labs are equipped with latest modern equipments. Previously a dairy Cattle Crossbreeding farm was also maintained by this department along with a square of agricultural land for producing fodder for the crossbred animals. This and other animal farms are now under a common management called Directorate of Farms.

The department has produced highly trained manpower to take care of country’s demand for trained manpower in the emerging technologies in animal breeding and genetic engineering. The international obligations such as convention on biological diversity and global plan of action for animal genetic resources require that trained personal be made available to harvest developments in the emerging technologies. Investment in human resources has already been identified by Higher Education Commission as the only sustainable way of building knowledge-based economy of this country and science of genetics is likely to be a leading science among the list.