Department of Chemistry - Overview

The Department of Chemistry, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, was established in 1973 and renamed as Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2008. It was bifurcated into two independent departments in September, 2014: Department of Chemistry and Department of Biochemistry. The Department of Chemistry is catering the academic and research needs of local and national population and awarding M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees.
The department is one of the largest postgraduate departments of the University having highly qualified faculty. The department provides an ideal environment for students in almost all areas of contemporary chemistry. Specializations in Physical, Organic, Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry are offered at M.Sc, M.Phil & Ph.D. levels. The department conducts morning and evening shifts at M.Sc & M.Phil levels with a total strength of more than 800 students. Postgraduate programs at M.Phil and Ph.D. include both extensive course work and completion of a research projects. Full time students have to enroll at least four semesters for each degree, with two semesters in each academic year. The candidates for Ph.D. degree have to qualify NTS-GAT or/ International GRE (ETS) in their respective subject.
The department offers outstanding opportunities for advanced training and research in Chemistry. The postgraduate programs in the department are designed to prepare students to develop creative and innovative scientific aptitude. The undergraduate and postgraduate curricula are devised to meet the challenges of new advances in the field. Wide range of courses is offered by the department in each semester. Supporting courses are also taken from other departments according to individual research requirements. Oral presentations, seminars, quiz tests and assignments are given to the students throughout the degree programs. To achieve the objective of capability, and to inculcate concept building aptitude in the students, academic groups are formulated amongst them. The goal of the program is to prepare young scientists for the knowledge based society of the 21st century.

Our laboratories are well equipped with modern instruments like gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, HPLC, double beam UV-visible spectrophotometers scanning spectrophotometers, digital sieve shakers, H T dyeing apparatus, high speed centrifuge machines, rotatory evaporator, digital tintometer, polarimeter etc. Environmental and Material Chemistry Laboratory has major emphasis on development of nano and composite materials for the remediation of environmental pollutants. Radiation Chemistry laboratory has been established with applications of ionizing radiations in food, wastewater treatment, textile industry and polymer synthesis. Industrial linkages are being developed with local industry to solve their problems. Pharmaceutical & Textile Chemistry group is working on the applications of new chemical approaches to improve synthesis of textile chemicals and evaluation of important bio functionalities of valuable green pharmaceuticals/natural products. Synthetic Chemistry group is working on the development of new routes and improvement of previous knowledge for synthesis and applications of organic and inorganic molecules. Bio-analytical Chemistry laboratory is well equipped and working on characterization of plants and agrowastes-based natural antioxidants and essential oils (extraction, purification/isolation, antioxidant and biological activities, qualitative and quantitative analysis of phenolic antioxidants, applications). Nano & Biomaterials group has been established with a focus on the fundamental and applied aspects of synthesis and characterization of nano-materials, composites and biomolecules. A research group is also actively working on the development of analytical methods for the analysis of various chemicals/pharmaceuticals.  Most of the faculty members are at the list of supervisors approved by Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan. The faculty members of this department are highly qualified and well experienced in their respective fields. They truly care about development and success of their students, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to good science.