Department of Chemistry - Research Groups

Research Group 1

Title: Environmental and Material Chemistry
Research Team:
Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Haq Nawaz Bhatti
Members         : Dr. Muhammad Zahid
: Dr. Muhammad Irfan Majeed
:Dr. Raziya Nadeem
: Dr. Sadia Ilyas
: Dr. Saba Jamil

Research Description

Environmental Chemistry is the study of chemical processes occurring in the environment which are impacted by human activities. These impacts may be felt on a local scale, through the presence of urban air pollutants or toxic substances arising from a chemical waste site, or on a global scale. The field of environmental chemistry is both broad and highly interdisciplinary. Within the Department of Chemistry, we are core group of the faculty, whose research interests are development of new materials and their environmental applications. We interact with numerous other researchers at the University who have related interests, and with industries & government agencies. The focus of our research activities is the development and study of new composite materials using bio-wastes with inorganic materials, synthesis of ionic liquids and their applications in the environmental remediation. These new materials have very interesting and potentially useful properties for the remediation of environmental pollutants. In addition, we are also working on the potential use of plant peroxidases & development of advanced oxidation processes like Fenton and Photo-Fenton processes for the treatment of industrial effluents. We mainly focus on the following aspects:

  • Treatment of industrial effluents containing organic and inorganic pollutants using agricultural wastes
  • Synthesis and modification of composite materials based on agricultural wastes
  • Synthesis and environmental applications of ionic liquids
  • Synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles for environmental remediation processes
  • Treatment of industrial effluents using advanced oxidation processes
  • Remediation of organic pollutants using plant peroxidases
  • Biocatalysis: kinetic and thermodynamic studies of industrially important enzymes

Research Group 2
Radiation Chemistry and Renewable energy
Group leader:              Prof. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti
Members                     Dr. Muhammad Zahid
Dr. Javed Khattak
Research Description
The research group is mainly working in two regimes, (a) Radiation chemistry (b) renewable energy (mainly solar energy). Ionizing radiations cause chemical changes in the molecules of the interacting medium. Our research group is working on application of ionizing radiation in food chemistry, wastewater treatment, textile industry and polymer synthesis. The food preservation is key parameter to meet the food security requirements. Irradiation of foodstuff with gamma radiation is being used to increase their shelf life. We are working on development and standardization of various methods, which have potential to discriminate the irradiated foods from the un-irradiated. Additionally, the reduction of aflatoxin in different types of foodstuffs by high-energy radiation is also being investigated. One of the interesting avenues is the use of high-energy radiation for the degradation of toxic formulations present in the industrial effluents and their conversion into environment friendly residues. We are working on the fabrication, characterization, and application of nano-materials (nano photocatalysts, nanocomposites, etc.), which can be used for degradation of pollutants in wastewater. The research group is also working on the effect of radiation on extraction as well as on dying of textile fabric. Synthesis of novel variety of polymer such as UV-curing of polymers and coatings, polyurethane functionalized by carbohydrate and dyed polyurethane elastomers with interesting applications in textile industry. The potential of renewable energy sources is enormous as they can very meet the world’s energy demand. Sunlight is a clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy source on the earth. The hydrogen gas (H2) can be produced directly from abundantly available and solar light through photo-electrochemical water splitting. Our goal is to create a distinctive venue focused on solar hydrogen production through fabrication of novel nano-structured photo-electerodes. In photovoltaics, our research interests include the generation of photoactive nano thin films and their application in dye-sensitized solar cells, design and synthesis of photovoltaic (PV) materials, design of photovoltaic materials with computational approach, synthesis and application of ionic liquids as solar cell electrolyte solution, etc. In energy sector, research on desulphurization of coal matrix by different physicochemical methods is also being carried out by our research group.


Research Group 3
Title: Pharmaceutical &Textile Chemistry
Research Team:
Group Leader: Dr. Shaukat Ali
Members         : Dr. Nazish Jahan

Research Description: 

Pharmaceutical and textile chemistry are considered to be the applied branches of organic chemistry. Which are totipotent in their respective areas and are major contributor towards socioeconomic and health status of the community. This research group is interacting with various universities, research organizations and industries to combat the current challenge in the respective areas. We mainly focus on the following aspects.Application of new chemical approaches to improve synthesis of textile chemicals including dyes and auxiliaries. Evaluate and purpose new processing methodologies to the textiles for synthetic/natural dyes and auxiliaries, Provision of consultancy to local textile /chemical industries for the improvement of already existing processes and creating new improved methodologies. The effluent management of local industries (with emphasis on organic load) involving treatment on chemical and microbiological basis for taste minimization and sustainability. Finding new scientific tracks leading efficient isolation, extraction, partial purification and identification of secondary metabolites/ natural products of biomedical significance. Evaluation of important biofunctionalities of valuable green pharmaceuticals/natural products. Formation, characterization and therapeutic bio screening of Nano Herbal extracts. Development of Herbal Cardioprotective drugs. The development of new routes and improvement of previous knowledge for synthesis and application of synthetic drugs/pharmaceuticals.

Research Group 4
Title: Bioanalytical Chemistry
Research Team:
Group Leader:  Dr. Bushra Sultana
Member           :  Dr. Raja Adil Sarfraz

Research Description

Bioanalytical Chemistry is most auspicious augmentation that deals with sampling, separation, detection and characterization of various biological components by using state of the art analytical techniques.  It provides a thorough introduction with a broad range of backgrounds from chemistry to medicine. The research mission of the Bioanalytical Chemistry research group is to design, understand and apply novel and improved analytics in order to gain new and better insights into biomolecular and drug characteristics, and biological and chemical processes as well. Our research is directed towards methodological innovation and increased information content to solve life science queries. Focus is on advanced sample preparation and separation techniques in combination with state-of-the-art spectrometry, chromatography and bio-activity detection. Our main focus is on the following sides:
Characterization and quality assessment of vegetable oils/fats and     related products:  (physico-chemical studies, fatty acids and tocopherols profiles, oxidative stability, minor and major components, adulterants, proxidant metals, shelf life studies, blending etc.,)
Evaluation of antioxidant and antifungal potential of indigenous plants and agricultural wastes (extraction, purification/ isolation, antioxidant activity, characterization and structural elucidation, applications), alteration in the antioxidant activity under various conditions, effectiveness of various plant antioxidants/antifungal agents for the control of fungal metabolites like aflatoxins in various substrates
Extraction, purification and characterization of biological components having important biological activities including anticancer, antidiabetic and hepatoprotective etc. 

Research Group 5
Title: Analytical Method Development Research group
Research Team:
Group Leader: Dr. Raziya Nadeem
: Dr. Raja Adil Sarfraz
Members         : Dr. Muhammad Asif Hanif
Research Description

The research group has a core competence in the development of analytical methods, principally centered on Separations Science, Atomic/Molecular spectroscopy and Surface Analysis Techniques, and their application in pharmaceutical, environmental and flavor and fragrance chemistry research. Large, interdisciplinary collaborations are central to the research in this section. Our background in analytical methods provides a unique framework to approach the health/environmental/food and industrial challenges with an interdisciplinary team that brings together national and international researchers in a variety of disciplines with chemistry as the central science. The group has an ongoing interest in the development of novel methods for the design and synthesis of:

  • Diverse cellulose nano crystals, modified and bare Fe-nanoparticles and green composites
  • Physiochemical and Biochemical Characterization of Indigenous Medicinal Plants for the evolution of chemical imaging and chemometric techniques to explore fundamental nanoparticles interactions  with biological systems
  • Development of renewable, low cost and sustainable adsorbent ‘BIOCHAR,’ for Organic and inorganic contaminants removal from water
  • Development of agrowastes based Biosorbent Technology for removal of heavy metals from contaminated water
  • Biochemical Characterization of oleoresin
  • Health risks of heavy metals in contaminated soils and food crops irrigated with wastewater and fresh water aquifers    
  • Exploration of Medicinal plants native to Pakistan for their anti cancer and antidiabetic potential.
  • Assessment of selected local herbal formulations for their toxicity.
  • Development of methods for purification and analysis of bioactive compounds

Research Group 6
Title: Nano and Biomaterials Research Group
Research Team:
Group Leader: Dr. Muhammad Asif Hanif
Members         : Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khera
: Dr. Muhammad Irfan Majeed
: Dr. Haq Nawaz
: Dr. Sadia Ilyas


Research Description:
Research in the Nano and biomaterials Group (NBG) is focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, ceramic nanoparticles, composites and biomolecules (including bioactive compounds and biofuels etc). Materials in nature often exhibit optimized properties and uses that greatly outperform synthetically produced products. Natural molecules being used in innovative devolopments in biomedicine and nanobiotechnology is the biggest aim of NBG. Our lab's main competences are the characterization of biomolecules, in particular essential oils, biofuels, fat and oils, their modification, production and processing for technically relevant applications in pilot plant scale. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach in our research. NBG develops and studies new nanomaterials and works closely with industry with the goal to significantly decrease the time from discovery to commercial application of new materials. Our group is also working on Raman microspectroscopy for studying the interaction of anticancer agents with the target cancer cell lines by using different techniques including Raman spectroscopy, Flow cytometry (expression analysis of the apoptotic and anti-apoptotic proteins) and cell viability/cytotoxicity assays". Recently, he is trying to explore the applications of the Raman micro spectroscopy in disease diagnosis and drug-target interaction. The on-going research work includes the use of Raman spectroscopy and Multivariate data analysis techniques for the diagnosis of Hepatitis C, breast cancer and dengue fever.


Research Group 7
Title: Synthetic Chemistry
Research Team:
Group Leader: Dr. Muhammad Abid Rashid
Members         : Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar
: Dr. Javed Iqbal
: Dr. Rasheed Ahmad Khera

Research Description

We are mainly interested in the synthesis of Inorganic/Organic functional materials/bio-inspired molecules and their application in material science/pharmaceutical sector. We are also working in the field of textile chemistry to elaborate pre and post fabric finishing products. Design of new pigment material for local industry is our major goal. We are also focusing on reverse technology to produce expensive material used in local industry.