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I have been working as Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad since October 01, 2017. This is a great blessing and honor for me. This faculty took birth with the advent of UAF in 1962. Since, then this faculty has been progressing by leaps and bound as a result of the day and night efforts and hard work of the faculty staff, both academic and supporting staff. At present, the faculty comprises three institutes namely, Institute of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Institute of Business Administration and Institute of Agri. Extension and Rural Development. There are departments of Rural Sociology and Continuing Education in addition to three institutes. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers Becholor, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in the relevant fields.  There are many Ph.D. and M.Phil. teachers in the faculty. The Faculty of Social Sciences has produced a great number of M.Phil. and many Ph.D. in the last few years. The academic staff has produced several books and many research papers their relevant discipline. The staff of the faculty has also recently contributed in the development of Agri. Policy for Govt. of the Punjab. We all believe in team-work for the prosperity and development of Faculty of Social Sciences.  
The Faculty of Social Sciences has the following mission and vision:


                 To produce manpower to learn about socio Socio-economic change and work for rural development and to provide community services.


            To educate the youth in the disciplines such as Rural Sociology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Economics, Agri. & Resource Economics, Population Studies, Extension, education and Rural Development. Furthermore, to offer the youth short course such as Livestock Assistant Diploma, Diploma in Poultry and Diploma in Agriculture to enhance their skills  to provide the services to Rural and Peri-Urban Communities .     



Contact: Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Maan


Rural Sociology

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Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

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ashfaqmaan@gmail.com, ashfaq.maan@uaf.edu.pk