Golden Jubilee Celebrations - Seminar on the Plantation of Miracle Tree "Moringa"

Pakistan can earn heavy foreign exchange by boosting up investment in the marketing of tangible research products and transfer the knowledge into goods and service in a bid to expedite the process of the development. This was stated by University of Agriculture Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan while addressing a seminar on the plantation of miracle tree Moringa , which is decaled a plant of 21st century by the NASA, at Club Rest House, UAF.

UAF Vice Chancellor  Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan and Director General Agriculture (Extension) Punjab Dr Anjum Ali offer dua at plantation of miracle tree ‘Moranga’

There are a lot of research works available but dark side of the picture is that we do not adopt the researches, he said, adding that it is the need of hour to bring the knowledge in front of people from the bookshelves of libraries so that by adopting it, they can earn heavy money.
Stressing the need to produce quality researches and adopt it, he said the world is facing the threat of food insecurity and Pakistan is also one of the victims of the menace. Now the responsibility lies on the shoulder of agri scientists to devise a comprehensive plan to cope with the challenges.

Talking about characteristics of Moringa, Faculty of Agriculture Dean Prof Dr Muhammad Ashafaq said that it has 7 times more Vit C than orange and 4 times Vit A than carrot and 4 times more calcium than milk. He said that with the use of it as fodder, we can increase the production of milk 43 percent to 65 percent.  He said that it is also being used for getting bio-fuel as it seeds have a good quantity and best quality of bio-oil.

He said as the country is blessed with four seasons and fertile land, we can grow five hundred crops in the country but we are only focusing on five crops. He said we can also use Moringa’s seed for the making the water clean and potable as it is the best way to get clean water where potable water isn’t available.

Director General Agriculture (Extension) Punjab Dr Anjum Ali congratulated the university for promoting Moringa in the country that will bring fruitful results in the days to come. He also thanked the university for providing the 400 plants of Moringa  to his department. He said that Moringa given to him will be planted in a week. He also highlighted issue related to the field of the agriculture.

Prof Dr Shahzad Basra said that the plant also works as a growth enhancer that increases the agri production fifteen to 30 percent. He said that during his research, he found numerous benefits of the plant. He said in medical it is used to increase resistant power against various diseases including AIDS, cancer and Hepatitis and is being utilized in many medicines. He said that it is farmer friendly plant that increases the fertility of the land manifold with it leaves. Prof. Dr. Tahir Siddique also highlighted the importance of the plant.