Golden Jubilee Celebrations - Events


1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week


Rural Sociology Week
International Conference on Migration and Desertification
Rural Cultural Show
Workshop on Novel approaches for diagnosis and control of parasites (Resource Person USA)
Launching SMS software to provide updated information about the events at the Golden Jubilee celebrations

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences
Workshop on Novel approaches for diagnosis and control of parasites (Resource Person USA)
Dog Show
Fancy Bird Show
Special lecture on Marketing in Veterinary Medicine





Plant Pathology Week
National Conference on “Phytopathology, Plant Pathogens and Nematodes”
Workshops on “Plant pathological techniques; “Cultivation of edible mushroom”
Young Phytodoctor forum will arrange a blood camp; Poster competition.

Horticulture Week
Seminars: 50 years of Pakistan Horticulture, Medicinal Plants and Controlled Atmosphere storage
Spring Flowers Show
Training Courses on: Tunnel Technology, Mushroom Culture, Citrus Nursery Management

Students Week
Debates, Variety Shows, sports
“International Seminar on Crop Improvement in Climate Change Scenario (Collaboration Sydney University)”
International workshop on “technological, biochemical, microbiological, sensorial and manufacturing aspects of French cheeses”
Cheese taste session with French Scientists, persons from French Embassy and members of Pakistan France Alumni Network
Pizza Hut activity and Product Development Competition


Rural Home Economics Week
Seminar: Futuristic Approach towards Home Economics Education
Flower Arrangement and Exhibition of Art work
Workshop: Guidance & Counselling for Rehabilitation of Special Children
Cooking Competition (female)
Painting Competition (Iqbal’s thought)
Fashion Show (only for females)

International Workshop: ACIAR Project Activities-2010
(A delegation headed by the Vice Chancellor Charles Stuart University, Australia will participate)

University Festival Week
Alumni Meet
Horse & Cattle Show
Grand Exhibition
International Seminar “50 years UAF-WSU legacy”
International Conference on Horticulture and Agribusiness in developing countries
Seminar “Role of Agri. Engineers in Mechanized Agriculture”

Farm Machinery Week
Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery/Implements;
Seminars “Role of Agricultural Machinery for boosting up agricultural production”
Demonstration of plots planted by different machinery

Hostel Competitions for cleanliness and beautification

Veterinary Sciences and Computer Sciences Week
International Workshop: Molecular diagnosis of avian Mycophasma species in poultry birds and farm premises
Seminar: Improvement in Vet. Vaccines

International Conference on “New Emerging Technologies”

“Software Exhibition /Competition” among students from different universities and colleges and software companies.


Entomology Week
Short course on invasive species, invasion processes, and detection/management /control options (Mark S. Hoddle UC-Riverside, U.S.A.)

International Workshop on Trends in Entomological Education
Special lectures on different on IMP techniques
Quiz Speech and poster competition, Entomological Daira,
Cultural Show

Agronomy Week
Seminars: “Prospects of Soybean Production and Consumption”
“Resource Conservation Technologies”.
“Weed Management Approaches for Diversified Cropping Systems Challenges and Solutions”
“Fodder production – constraints and prospects”.

Plant Breeding & Genetics Week
Seminar on “Breeding Crops for Stressed Environments”
Exhibition of live plants duly supported by the data of the trials conducted at National and International Level;
Sports and quiz competition among faculty, students

Agricultural Extension, Continuing Education and Agri Education Week
Seminars: “Recent Trends and Challenges in Agri. Extension in Pakistan”. “Rehabilitation strategies in flood affected areas”,
“ Role of technical & vocational education in poverty alleviation”, Fifty years Research in Agri. Extension
Workshop on improvement of Linguistic programme of UAF
Consultative workshop for improving Agri. Education in Pakistan.
Agri. Extension Training Course of USDA Afghanistan Pakistan Trilateral Committee (UAF-UC Davis, WSU)


Livestock & Poultry Week
Workshops/ Seminars: “Changing Trend in Meat Production”; “Sustainable Dairy Production”;
Stakeholders Workshop of Rural Poultry Farmers Associated With Lyallpur Silver Black;
Seminar/Workshop on “Modern Poultry Farming” in Collaboration with Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA)

Animal Breeding & Genetics & Animal Nutrition Week
National workshop on “Linear Scoring System for beauty in dairy animals”.
Seminars by faculty members; Farmer’s training courses on the nutritional technologies for feeding of livestock;
Sports program among students and the staff.
International Conference on Crop Production under stressed environments and climate change scenario (Collaboration Iran)

University Management and Public Relations  Week

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

Research Orientation Workshop 2011
Exhibition of endo and ecto parasites for the students of Matric and FSc


Structures & Environmental Engineering & Fibre Technology Week
Seminar with reference to Environmental Day
Exhibition of Fibre Science and Textile Technology

Chemistry, Biochemistry Week
Workshops and lectures on “Ethical Practices of Complementary and Alternative Medical”. “Biochemical Techniques”, “Human Molecular Genetics”

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences
Workshop on Post-mortem examination
National workshop on breeding soundness examination of male animals
International Symposium:   “ONE HEALTH ONE WORLD”

Forestry, Range Management and Wildlife Week
Natural Resource Conservation Mela
Sports and Co-Curricular activates


Mathematics, Statistics and Physics week
Workshops: “Modern Data Analysis Techniques”, “Vacuum Technology”.
Lecture series on “New Horizons in Physics”.



Faculty Outreach Week
Seminar: Role of UAF in Community Building
The University Teachers will do outreach activities at various places in the country, particularly in Punjab
A farmer’s day at Thikriwala
Zoology & Fisheries Week Workshop on “Biodiversity Conservation”.


Crop Physiology Week
International Seminar on Recent Changes to agriculture and their possible mitigation strategies – a global scenario
Sports activities Quiz essay and painting competition on “Today’s Agriculture” or “Golden Era of UAF”


National Day Celebrations

Hostel Competitions



Eid -ul-Fitar


Economics/Development Economics/Resource Economics Week

Seminars: “Environmental Issues and Agri. Productivity and Efficiency”
“Policies, Governance and Productivity of Irrigation Water”
“Development issues in Pakistan in the aftermath of flood: Challenges and Opportunities”
“Mounting Energy Crisis; the Prospects for Socio-Economics Development of Pakistan”.
Special Lecture on “Islamic Insurance System in Agriculture Sector”

Marketing and Agribusiness and WTO Cell Week
Seminar on agricultural Marketing in Pakistan: Emerging Trends and Future Perspectives,
Workshop on “Changing Face of Agribusiness in Pakistan: Challenges and Strategies”;
Seminar on “Trade Liberalization and Agriculture in Pakistan.

Students Week in collaboration with Social Sciences and Humanities
Debates, Variety Shows, sports
Seminars by Renowned Scholars.
Quiz Competition  on History of Faculty of Sciences, Allama Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam, Seerat-un-Nabi, Quran
Mushaira/Bait Bazi

Veterinary Sciences Week
Camel Health and Production
Workshop on the applications of ultrasonography
Symposium on ticks and tick born diseases
Use of Power Lab
STATISTICA Training:   For Biological Sciences


Symposium on Joint Degree Programs with UWA

Kisan Convention
Centre of Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology and Plant Breeding and Genetics Week
International Symposium on modern genetic approaches in crop improvement (UAF-UC-DAVIS)

International Centre for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) Week
International Conference on Employment and Value Chain in Agriculture: Challenges for Development
ICDD Steering Committee Meeting

Business Management Sciences Week
“Product Marketing Competition”


Botany Week
Symposium on “Plants, Environment and Society”.
Workshop on scientific writing and lab ethics.


National Institute of Food Science & Technology (NIFSAT) Week
International Conference on Emerging Issues in Food Safety
22nd All Pakistan Food Science Conference
Food Production Development Competition - Nestle Sponsored Activity; Parent Day/Food Mela; Sports Gala; Quiz/Debate Competition)

Soil and Environmental Sciences Week
National Conference on “Pakistani Soils: Problems and remedies”.
Exhibition “Soil of Pakistan”;National competition among Soil and Environment Science Students to demonstrate soil/environment related process or property; Presentation on “Soil and Environmental Sciences: Opportunities and Challenges”;
Annual function of the Institute; Launching of “SESSS” (Soil and Environmental Students Society);
Sports and Co-Curricular activates


International Conference on Applied Genetics and Biotechnology.
Extension Seminars by experts and specialists.
Preparation of the Archives of the Department

Irrigation & Drainage Week
Seminar/Workshop: “Laser Land Levelling”, “High efficiency Irrigation System”

UNESCO Conference on Water and Precision Agriculture

Concluding Ceremony of the Golden Jubilee: Lessons from the past 50 years and Vision for next 50 years